My domain name:

I am not a pot smoker 🙂 but I have no issue with it as long as it doesn’t control your life. was registered after an incident involving my long haired dachshund, Abby, and my youngest son in 2013.   While my Wife and I were out, my Son decided to conduct a little baking experiment.  When it was determined he had put too much cannabis in his brownies and the taste was too strong, he tossed them in a bathroom waste basket.  Latter, Abby discovered the brownies, chewed open the ziploc bag and ate the entire botched experiment.  She weighed 9lbs!  By the time we realized what had happened, it was too late to induce vomiting and she had no idea who we people were.  You would have thought we were torturing her by the freaked out screaming noises she was making.  On icy roads, in the dark, we headed to the emergency Vet.  Obviously the Vet was concerned more about the chocolate than the cannabis and kept her overnight.  It took 2 weeks for her to fully recover.   My son didn’t like me much after this incident and in an attempt to make light of the situation, this domain name popped up in conversation and I registered it.  My Abby later passed away on Dec 18, 2016 and I miss her dearly.  She was about 11 yrs old.

This domain had been used in 2013-2015 for cryptocurrency mining pools for those who may recognize it and stonedpuppy contributed to and has written code for blockchains and pool software.

I am self taught in Perl, Javascript, PHP, C++ and Linux and I grew up around the horse tracks which should explain some of my approach here.

Now on to the reason you are here!

Playing approach:

I took $50 and set it aside, in a jar, for the Pick4 and started playing $1 Boxes.  A 24-way box pays $200 and if you have a set of doubles, two numbers that are repeated on the ticket, that’s a 12-way box which pays $400.  When you hit a box, stick the $50 back in your pocket and the difference goes in your jar.  Now you have a little larger bankroll to play with.  I try to have around $300-$400 in my jar at any time.  You will have dry spells and need enough cash on hand to play through such dry spells.  From that point forward, anything over $400, I put in my pocket, i.e…bank account to help with bills and such.  The number generators will advise on how to play the numbers you receive. 

Be aware; sometimes the generators will often produce a “No Play”.  As well as trying to predict the next draw, the system will also try to save needless ticket purchases by recognizing patterns that fail more often than not.  This is playing mathematical probabilities and is where discipline comes into play.  You don’t have to play every day to win, on the contrary, playing every day is often why you are never in the black!  Just because there are 10 races on the card doesn’t mean you have to play them all.

My number generator:

The way this works is you enter the previous Pick4 draw, as it is drawn, to generate the numbers for the next draw.  If the previous draw was 4231, you enter the number 4231, not 1234 or otherwise.  This is VERY important!  Never enter your number out of order.  Numbers are generated through a program written to calculate the probability of a certain number to be drawn the next draw and takes into account various mathematical probabilities, as well as, developing patterns.

The number generators DO NOT account for two doubles, triples or quads which mathematically only account for 6.4% of all combinations or 640 out of 10,000.  I have not even tried to design the generator to pick numbers such as 1122, 1112 or 1111.  There are 5040 combinations of 4 unique numbers, i.e., 1234, or 50.4%.  There are 4320 combinations of a double with two unique numbers, i.e., 3611, or 43.2%.

All odd or all even numbers , i.e., 1357 or 2468, = 12.5%. 3 odd and one even, 1352, or 3 even and one odd, 2461 = 25% each or total 50% of all combinations.  2 even and 2 odd numbers, i.e.,1324 or 6879, = 37.5% of all combinations.


I believe my system is well worth $4.99 per year and after processing fees, it leaves enough money to pay for my internet connection, web server and continued maintenance and most of all, the extraordinary amount of time I invest in improving this system as more data is collected and my algorithm is adjusted and improved.  It’s a business and just as playing the horses, treat it as a business and it will make a profit.  My winnings help pay the bills.